Handling Paged Responses

When making calls that return a large number of results as a list, it will often be of benefit to page the result set. By requesting smaller subsets of data, you will get a response much faster than when requesting the entire, potentially large, data set.

On calls that support result set paging, pass in the following parameters to control size and start point of the page:




The index of the first item for which you want results.


The maximum number of items you want to be included in the result set. Note that there may be less remaining items than the value you specify here. The default limit is 50.

To page through the results, begin with a start value of 0 and a count value of N. To get the next page, set start value to N, while the count value stays the same. Subsequent pages will start at 2N, 3N, 4N, et cetera.