Shared mailbox

Ivanti Email+ supports shared access for Mailbox. In case of multiple mailboxes, each mailbox is independent and has its own Shared Mailbox account settings. A Shared Mailbox is a type of user mailbox that does not have a username or password. It provides access to multiple users to use a mailbox as per the permissions set on Microsoft Outlook. To access a Shared Mailbox, the admin must add the user as a member of the mailbox. Email+ supports Shared Mailbox permissions similar to Microsoft Exchange server:

  • Full Access: The full access permission allows the user to open the Shared Mailbox and act as the owner of that mailbox. The user can access mails, read, view, delete, move mails, download and view attachments, and search mails on the local device and server. However, the user cannot send mail

  • Send as: The send as permission allows the user to impersonate the Shared Mailbox when sending mails. The user can Reply or Reply All, and Forward messages from the Shared Mailbox.

  • Send on behalf: The send on behalf permission allows the user to send mail on the behalf of the Shared Mailbox. The user can Reply or Reply All, and Forward messages from the Shared Mailbox, but the recipients would receive the mail from <User on behalf of the Shared Mailbox name>.

The user can add signature to mails for both delegated and shared mailbox similar to the primary mail box. Separate section for Shared Mailbox and Delegated Mailbox accounts is added under the Email+ Settings. The settings for these two sections appear only if there is at least one account is available for each mailbox.

The Email+ app displays notification for both Primary and Shared mailbox accounts along with account details. The Notification rules for primary user account are applicable for Shared mailbox. The following rules are supported:

  • Receive notification when the Email+ app is opened or closed.

  • Notification sound

  • Notification silent

  • Bundle notification

  • Detailed notification (When applied from Email+ config should be enabled for delegated mailbox as well).

To configure Shared Mailbox on Android Enterprise, configure the following restrictions:

  • Add delegated_shared_mailbox value to Optional Features restriction to add the Add Mailbox option in the Email+ app.

When you select the Add a Mailbox option, Email+ searches email address in GAL and provides list of contacts to add mailbox. If the search result is successful, the 'Mailbox added' pop-up is displayed and Shared Mailbox is added. Once Shared Mailbox is added, the Add Mailbox option appears in the navigation drawer and Settings.

All the folders are auto synced when the user clicks on each folder to start and stop the sync. The delegated user can manually delete the delegated mailbox added from the Email+ app.

Ivanti Email+ does not support SMIME and Classification for Shared Mailbox.

Adding shared mailbox to the Email+ app

To add the shared mailbox to the Email+ app on your Android device, perform the following steps:

Before you begin 

  • Configure the Optional features and add the delegated_shared_mailbox value.

  • Set both EWS and Exchange host

  • Set EWS Authorization mode,

    • For Modern Auth, set value to modern_auth

    • For Certificate based Auth, set value to cert_base


  1. To add new mailbox, choose any of the following methods:
    1. In the Email+ app, go to Settings > Add a mailbox . OR
    2. In the Email+ app, open Navigation menu > Add a mailbox.

  2. On the Add shared Mailbox screen, type the Email ID of the mailbox owner. Shared mailbox is added in Mail section - Mailboxes.​ The shared user

For more information on supported configuration on shared mailbox, see Ivanti Email+ configurations supported for Delegated and Shared Mailbox section Delegated mailbox.