Assigning a space and roles to an MTD administrator

Once you have created your MTD administrator user, you must assign the administrator to a device space, which limits his authority to that space, and assign the user appropriate roles. For more information about assigning device spaces, see "Device Spaces" in the Ivanti EPMM Delegated Administration Guide.

Before you begin 

Be sure you have completed the steps for Creating an MTD admin.


  1. In the Ivanti EPMM Admin Portal, navigate to the Admin > Admins page.

  2. Select the administrator user to be the MTD administrator.

  3. Click Actions > Assign to Space.

  4. From the Select Space drop-down menu, select the space the local user will manage.

    You must select a space for the MTD administrator before the appropriate roles will appear. The default is no space is selected.

  5. In the list of Admin Roles, scroll down to:

    1. Device Management and select Apply and remove device label.

    2. Privacy Control and select View apps and iBooks in device details and Locate device.

    3. Label Management and select View label and Manage label.

    4. User Management and select View user and Manage user.

    5. Other Roles and select Common Platform Services (CPS)

  6. Click Save.