Creating an MTD activation configuration

This section covers how to create an MTD activation configuration.


  1. Log into MTD console and download the Ivanti Mobile Threat Defense activation code.

  2. In Ivanti EPMM, go to Policies & Configs > Configurations.

  3. Click Add New > MTD Activation. The Add MTD Activation Configuration dialog box opens.

  4. Enter a name and an optional description for the configuration.

  5. In the Configuration Setup section, make the following entries:

    • Vendor: Zimperium
    • License Key: enter your MTD activation code.
  6. Click Save. The Configurations page refreshes with the name of the new MTD activation configuration.

  7. Apply a label to the MTD activation configuration. Upon next check-in, the new activation configuration is pushed to the device(s). See Creating MTD labels in Ivanti EPMM for Android and iOS devices.

The MTD activation configuration is supported on Apple User Enrolled devices.