Creating an MTD admin

Before you configure the MTD threat management console for use with Ivanti EPMM, you need to create an MTD administrator user, who will communicate with Ivanti EPMM through the MTD console. MTD suggests creating a new administrator user to manage MTD.

We recommend removing the User Portal role from the MTD admin. This role is automatically assigned to every local user.


  1. In the Ivanti EPMM Admin Portal, select Devices & Users > Users.
  2. Click Add > Add new user.

    The Add New User dialog box opens.

  3. Fill out the following fields:

    • User ID: Enter a meaningful User ID such as "mtdadmin."
    • First Name: Enter the first name of the mtdadmin user.
    • Last Name: Enter the last name of the mtdadmin user.
    • Display Name: Enter a name that will be displayed.
    • Password: Enter a password.
    • Confirm Password: Confirm the password.
    • Email: Enter the email address of the mtdadmin user.
  4. Click Save.

Next steps 

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