Creating an out of compliance local actions policy

MTD Plus customers can configure an app compliance policy that will protect client users from installing disapproved apps. Use this example task to create an Out of Compliance Local Actions policy, and others like it.

Before you begin 

This feature is available only with an MTD Plus license. See your MTD representative for more information.


  1. From the Ivanti EPMM Admin Portal, navigate to Policies & Configs > Policies page
  2. Click Add New > MTD Local Actions. The Add MTD Local Actions Policy opens.
  3. Enter a name, status (active or inactive), and optional description.
  4. Click the upcarat for Malware Threats.
  5. From the options, click Out of Compliance App
  6. Select the local actions and notifications for the policy from the drop-down options.
  7. Click Save.