Setting the MTD wake-up interval for iOS devices

You can adjust the default MTD wake-up interval for iOS devices from the Sync Policy menu in the Ivanti EPMM Admin Portal Policies & Configs > Policies page. For full instructions, see Sync policies in the Using default policies chapter of Getting Started with Ivanti EPMM.

Previously, the MTD iOS wake-up interval default was 15 minutes, which sometimes resulted in excessive battery usage for iOS clients. For version and newer supported versions, the MTD iOS default wake-up interval is 60 minutes, which can be adjusted for your network.


  1. From the admin console, navigate to Policies & Configs > Policies page.

  2. Select a sync policy. The Default Sync Policy displays on the right.

  3. Click Edit in the upper-right margin of the Sync Policy. The Modify Sync Policy menu displays.

  4. Verify that the default MTD wakeup interval is set to 60 minutes, or set a different value.

  5. Click Save.