Quarantine compliance action


  1. In the Ivanti EPMM Admin Portal, select Policies & Configs > Compliance Actions.
  2. Click the Add+ button. The Add Compliance Action dialog box opens.

    1. Name: Enter "MTD-Quarantine."
    2. Enforce Compliance Actions Locally on Devices: Select the check box to enforce the compliance actions on the device.
  3. In the Tier 1 section, fill out the following fields:

    1. Alert: Select the check box to send a compliance notification or alert to the device user.
    2. Block Access: Select the check box to block email access and AppConnect apps on the device. This selection does not apply to macOS devices.
    3. Select Quarantine the device to quarantine the device.

    4. Select Remove All Configurations to remove all configuration settings from an Android or iOS device.

    5. Select Do not remove Wi-Fi settings for all devices (iOS, macOS, and Android only) to allow all iOS and Android devices to maintain their connection to Wi-Fi.

    6. Select Remove iBooks, content, managed apps, and block new app downloads to remove iBooks, content and managed apps from these devices as well as to block downloads of new apps.

  4. Click Save.