Adding roles to the MTD administrator user

Before you configure the MTD console for use with Ivanti EPMM, you need to add MTD roles to the Ivanti EPMM MTD administrator user. These added MTD roles allow MTD console to communicate with Ivanti EPMM using API calls that authenticate with this user to set privacy, label, compliance policy, and user management controls. For this procedure, use the same user ID, mtdadmin, and password that you set in Creating an MTD admin.

Before you begin 

Be sure you have completed the steps for Creating an MTD adminand Assigning a space and roles to an MTD administrator.


  1. In the Ivanti EPMM Admin Portal, select Admin > mtdadmin. "mtdadmin" is the administrator user name you will use to configure mobile device management (MDM) in MTD console.

  2. Select Actions > Edit roles.

  3. In the list of roles, scroll down to:

    1. Privacy Control and select View apps and iBooks in device details and Locate device.

    2. Label Management and select View label and Manage label.

    3. User Management and select View user and Manage user.

    4. Other Roles and select Common Platform Services (CPS) and API.

  4. Click Save.