About Ivanti Mobile Threat Defense Solution

Ivanti Mobile Threat Defense Solution protects managed devices from mobile threats and vulnerabilities affecting device, network, and applications.

Ivanti Endpoint Manager Mobile (Ivanti EPMM) can distribute activation tokens to enable Ivanti Mobile Threat Defense technology integrated into Ivanti Mobile@Work for Android and iOS clients. When this configuration is enabled in Ivanti EPMM and applied to the devices, the MTD libraries are enabled on the clients. MTD can be deactivated on a device by excluding (un-distributing) the MTD configuration from the device.

Ivanti Mobile Threat Defense monitors:

  • On the device level: system parameters, configuration, firmware, and libraries to identify suspicious or malicious activity.
  • On the network level: network traffic and suspicious connections to and from mobile devices.
  • On the app level: leaky apps (potentially placing enterprise data at risk) and risky apps, through risk assessment and code analysis.

Ivanti Mobile Threat Defense operates principally through the Ivanti Mobile@Work client on iOS and Android devices. The client must be installed, enrolled and operating on a monitored device for Ivanti Mobile Threat Defense to protect that device from threats and malicious traffic. If the client is removed, becomes inoperable, suspended, or dozed, Ivanti Mobile Threat Defense will not be fully functional until the client is operational again. For more information, see Ivanti Mobile Threat Defense Overview.

Each version of the Ivanti Mobile Threat Defense Solution for MDM guide contains all MTD features that are currently fully tested and available for use on both server and client environments. Because of the gap between server and client releases, Ivanti, Inc releases new versions of the Ivanti Mobile Threat Defense Solution for MDM guide as the features become fully available.

Applicable to:

  • Ivanti Mobile@Work for iOS client versions as supported by Ivanti EPMM.
  • Ivanti Mobile@Work for Android client versions as supported by Ivanti EPMM.

Ivanti Mobile Threat Defense does not support macOS and Windows devices.