Verify that Ivanti Mobile Threat Defense is working

To verify that Mobile Threat Detection is working, device users can review the [email protected] display, and administrators can perform a Force Device Check-in. You can also use MTD console to verify that the MTD Activation token(s) have been distributed to selected devices through the application of the correct label.

Verify that MTD is working on a device

Administrators can verify that Mobile Threat Defense is working by checking Devices in Ivanti EPMM.

  1. From Ivanti EPMM Admin Portal, go to Devices & Users > Devices.
  2. Select the carat ^ next to the display name of the device you want to check. The device information displays.
  3. In the Device Details tab, find Mobile Threat Defense Status:

    Table 5.  Device Details MTD status
    Device type Using client release Device status message

    [email protected] client


    [email protected] and later supported versions.


    [email protected] client

    "Activated threat scanning enabled"

    [email protected] and later supported versions.


Verify MTD on all devices: force device check-in

To verify that MTD is working on all devices, administrators can perform a Force Check-in for devices.


  1. From the Ivanti Endpoint Manager Mobile Admin Portal, click the Devices tab.

  2. Select the devices that you want to check in.

  3. From the menu, select Force Check-in.