Enabling CPS messaging on Ivanti Neurons for MDM

The MTD threat management console server integrates with MTD by using the Event Notification Service, which requires enabling CPS messaging. CPS messaging makes it possible for the MTD threat management console to receive notifications for changes on devices real time—for example for new device registrations or new app installs—instead of relying on the synchronization job that runs every 1-4 hours. These notifications will not be received by the MTD threat management console if messaging is not enabled. For more information, see "Using the Event Notification Service” in the Ivanti Event Notification Service and Common Platform Services API Guide.

You can run the Ivanti EPMM CLI program to enable Common Platform System (CPS) messaging. This procedure invokes a message broker, enables the Event Notification Service event notification feature, restarts the Ivanti EPMM server, and restarts Apache Tomcat to reload configurations.

Port 8883 needs to be open inbound from MTD console to Ivanti EPMM. If Ivanti EPMM is running in a High Availability configuration, enable messaging on both primary and secondary nodes.


To enable or disable CPS messaging, run the following commands in the Ivanti EPMM CLI:

hostname> enable

hostname# configure terminal

config# activemq

Warning:Maintenance mode command.

Portal service will be stopped during this operation. Proceed? (y/n) y

Capturing tomcat metrics: [ OK ]

Stopping tomcat: [OK ]

[ OK ]