Logging and enhanced logging for iOS clients

If iOS device users experience issues with the Ivanti Mobile@Work client, they can reproduce the issue and send the logs to their administrator. Enhanced Logging encrypts the logs for safe transport to the support Admin.

This feature is for troubleshooting, and is disabled by default.

Sending Ivanti Mobile@Work client logs to MTD Support


  1. Open Ivanti Mobile@Work.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. To enable debug-level encrypted logging of your phone information, tap Enhanced Logging.

    If you do not require encryption, make sure Enhanced Logging is toggled off.

  4. Reproduce the issue on the device.
  5. Go back to Ivanti Mobile@Work, and tap Settings > Send MobileIron Go Logs.

    Select a method to send the log information to Ivanti Mobile Threat Defense support. Options include email, SMS, AirDrop, and others.

  6. Enter a support address and tap Send.