Additional app threat local actions for Samsung Knox devices

For application threats, Ivanti Go client administrators now have access to additional local compliance actions such as Block app, Uninstall app, Disable app, or Isolate app, for the following Android Knox device modes:

Table 8.  Supported Knox modes for enhanced app threat local actions


Supported Android release (and higher)

License type

Work Profile (also known as Profile Owner PO) mode

Android 11.x


Work Profile on Company Owned Device mode

Managed Device with Work Profile (also known as corporate-owned personal-enabled COPE) mode

Android 8.x

Work Managed Device (also known as device owner DO) mode

Android 6.x

Device Admin (DA mode)

Android 6.x, but DA mode is deprecated in Android 11.0 and higher releases.

Selecting a Knox local action in addition to, or instead of, mobile device management (MDM) local actions provides additional remediation capabilities against application threats on Samsung Android devices.

AppStation and Mobile application management only (also known as MAM-only) mode devices do not support these actions, because these apps do not have device administrator privileges.

Table 9.  Compliance actions available on Android Knox devices
Knox local action Description Reversible?
Block app Blocks the risky app from future installation and also uninstalls the app. Yes
Uninstall app Uninstalls the risky app from the device. No
Disable app The app is no longer visible in the app tray, but it is no uninstalled. If a disabled app is re-installed, it will be re-enabled. Yes
Isolate app from networlk The risky app cannot access anything on the network. Yes

About Knox local actions

  • If Knox actions are selected for threats that are not app threats, they will be ignored.

  • Knox actions, once applied, will be reverted:

    • If the app threat is mitigated and there is no valid app threat for that action.
    • If the administrator changes the local compliance configuration.
    • If the administrator removes the local compliance configuration.
  • Knox actions are applied after other local actions.