Defining a custom DNS server

Beginning with the Ivanti Mobile Threat Defense for Ivanti EPMM release, MTD administrators can define custom Domain Name System (DNS) settings they want iOS devices to use when connecting to their corporate Wi-Fi network.

This feature is for iOS devices only. Android devices use Ivanti Tunnel for their VPN service.

Before you begin 

Before defining a custom DNS server, verify that the following conditions will be met:

  1. The server must be available from public networks to use this feature.
  2. If you change the default DNS server, the MobileIron Services must be reachable from the custom DNS network.


  1. From the MTD threat management console, click Manage. The Manage VPN page opens.

  2. From the options along the top row, click VPN settings. The Manage Local VPN page opens.

    Figure 1. Manage Local VPN - Custom DNS Settings

  3. Enter the Service Set Identifier (SSID) name for the custom DNS network.
  4. Enter the IP addresses of the primary and secondary DNS servers.
  5. To add another custom VPN network, click the + icon to the right of the garbage can. This will open a new Custom DNS menu line.
  6. When you have added the necessary information click Deploy to deploy your changes.