Configuring MTD console

The MTD console Manage page provides a way for you, acting as the administrator, to configure privacy and VPN settings for the environment, as well as a view to the audit logs that collect all activity on the active devices.

General settings

The Manage > General tab provides basic information about the environment and an alternate location for modifying the selected language. It also provides the option to change the administrator password.

Figure 1. MTD console > Manage > General tab

Here are specific configuration elements for the General tab:

Table 13.  General tab settings
Section Description and actions

Company Information

Enter your company information, including a contact email. Your plan type and activation date are populated automatically.

Logged in user

Enter the name, email address, system role, and password for the current user. Click Change password to open the Set Password menu. Click Save to retain your changes.

Set Password Policy

  1. Click Set Password Policy to open the password policy menu.

  2. Define the password requirements for MTD threat management console users:

    • Minimum password length
    • Required password elements
    • Maximum repeating characters
    • Verify that the new password was not used in the past “n” passwords
    • Define how often the password must be changed
    • Define how many failed attempts prior to triggering an account lock
    • Define the account lock out time in minutes
  3. Click Save to retain your changes.

Preferred Language

Choose the language for the MTD console. The current options are English, Japanese or Hebrew. Click Save to retain your changes.

Options for zIPS with root access

This feature is not supported for Ivanti Mobile Threat Defenseclients.

Danger Zone

This feature is not supported on Ivanti Mobile Threat Defenseclients.

Device Inactivity Configuration

This feature is not supported on Ivanti Mobile Threat Defenseclients.