Creating an Ivanti Tunnel app configuration for AE devices

The final step to enable anti-phishing protection on Android Enterprise (AE) devices is to create and push an app configuration file for Tunnel app to AE devices.

Before you begin 

Complete the following tasks before you begin:


  1. From the Ivanti Neurons for MDM Apps > App Catalog page, open the Tunnel app.

  2. Click the App Configurations tab. The Managed Configurations for Android page opens.

  3. Enter a name for this Tunnel app configuration, and an optional description.

  4. Under Mobile Threat Defense Settings, click Use Tunnel for Anti-phishing Only.

    VPN anti-phishing requires that the Ivanti Tunnel configuration is installed on the device. Select this option if no other tunnel-related functionality is being used, and distribute the app to users who need anti-phishing.

  5. Distribute the app to Android Enterprise devices.