Customizing local threat notification text

You can customize the local threat notification text for Ivanti Go devices through the MTD threat management console Threat Policy page. You also have the option to disable or re-enable the feature in the MTD Local Actions configuration.

Disabling or re-enabling custom local threat notifications

Custom local threat notifications are enabled and disabled from the Ivanti Neurons for MDM Configurations page. This feature is enabled by default.


  1. From the Configurations page, create or open an MTD Local Actions configuration.

  2. Click the check box below the Description: Enable ability to customize end-user local notifications.

  3. Save the configuration.

Customizing local threat notifications

Once custom end-user local notifications are enabled, you can customize the notification text that your device users receive, in any of the supported languages.


  1. From the MTD threat management console, go to Policy > Policies > Threat Policy page.
  2. From the Selected Group drop-down menu, select the Group to receive the notification text.
  3. From any enabled threat, click the Set User Alert check box, and click the Settings icon to open the Alert User Message Configuration page.

    Figure 1. the Settings icon from Set User Alert check box

  4. From the Alert User Message Configuration page, scroll to the enabled threat and enter the text, button label, and button link information for the alert you are customizing.

    Figure 2. Alert User Message Configuration page

    • Alert text field: Enter the alert text you want your device users to see when a threat is detected.
    • Button Label: This option is not supported.
    • Button Link: This option is not supported.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Click Save & Deploy.

The policy is pushed to the client group at the next check-in.