About the PIV-D Manager

Product nomenclature: This is cumulative documentation and the product names you encounter in this documentation were accurate at the time of publication. Ivanti updates each new section to reflect evolving product nomenclature, but leaves legacy citations intact to ensure proper frame of reference for the reader.

The PIV-D Manager app is part of the Ivanti solution for providing derived credentials to Android and Android Enterprise devices that are registered to either Ivanti EPMM or Ivanti Neurons for MDM. These credentials are derived from the credentials on a device user’s smart card. AppConnect apps, including Web@Work, Docs@Work, and Email+ can use the identity certificates in the derived credential for the same purposes that they use any identity certificate.

The PIV-D Manager app supports derived credentials from these providers:

  • Entrust

The PIV-D Manager app is available in the following flavors:

  • Android AppConnect

  • Android Enterprise

For information about using the PIV-D Manager app, see the Ivanti Derived Credentials Guide for EPMM or the Ivanti Derived Credentials Guide for MDM.