Configuring the Exporter

Configuring the Reporting Database Exporter allows the Reporting Database to extract the relevant Ivanti EPMM data.

To configure Ivanti EPMM to work with the Reporting Database system:


  1. In the Ivanti EPMM System Manager, go to Settings > Data Export > Reporting Database.

  2. Click Generate.

  3. Copy the displayed token to the clipboard.

    You will use the authentication token when you configure the Reporting Database.

  4. Under Data to Export, select or clear data categories to specify the data to export or omit.
    The Device option is required and cannot be cleared.
  5. Select a frequency from the Run RDB Export Every drop-down.

    You can run the RDB Export on demand without waiting for the next run. See Running the RDB export on demand.

  6. If you selected 1 Week from the Run RDB Export Every drop-down, then select a day to run the RDB export from the Run RDB Export On drop-down.

  7. Select a time to start the RDB export from the RDB Export starts at (UTC) drop-down.

  8. Select a retention time from the Retain Export Data For drop-down.

  9. Click Apply.

  10. Go to Settings > Services.

  11. Select Enable for the Reporting Database Exporter.

  12. Click Apply.