Required information

You need to gather the following information before running the Reporting Database installation script:

Table 3.  Required installation information
Item Description Values

Licensing agreement information

The company name, contact person name, and contact person email address for the end-user licensing agreement.


Reporting Database Server IP Address

IP address for portal access.


External Host- name

Fully-qualified domain name for the Ivanti Reporting Database.

Devices will not connect to Reporting Database from the internet, so an internal hostname is acceptable here.


"enable secret" password

The password to be defined for enabling access to Privileged and Configuration modes.


Administrator User Name

The user name to define for the Administrator. Do not use root.


Administrator Password

The password to set for the Administrator.

  • Passwords must have at least 8 characters.
  • Passwords must contain at least 1 alphabetic character.
  • Passwords must contain at least 1 numeric character.
  • Passwords cannot have 4 or more repeating characters.
  • Passwords cannot be the same as the user ID.
  • Password may contain Unicode characters, except for CLI access.
  • Users cannot change a password more than once during a 24 hour period.

Physical Interface

The physical interface to use on the appliance.

Enter a or b. You can configure additional physical interfaces later using the Admin Portal.


IP Address Netmask

The IP address and netmask of the physical network interface.


Default Gateway

The IP address of the router used to forward traffic to destinations outside of the local network or subnet.


Name Server 1, 2, 3

The IP address of a network name server (i.e., DNS server). You must specify at least one name server.


Remote Shell via SSH?

Specifies whether you want to configure remote shell access via SSH.


Remote Shell via Telnet?

Specifies whether you want to configure remote access via Telnet.


NTP Server 1, 2, 3

Specifies the IP address of an optional reliable time source. recommends specifying an NTP server. If you do not, you will have the opportunity to set the system clock and date.