New features and enhancements

This guide documents the following new features and enhancements:

  • Send Tunnel Debug logs using Email+: By default, Tunnel uses the native iOS email app to email debug logs. Tunnel can now also use MobileIron Email+ to send debug logs. To set up Tunnel to use Email+ to send debug logs, add the key-value pair, UseSecureEMail = true, in the Tunnel configuration.

    For more information, see Emailing debug log information.

  • Support for iOS native Mail, Calendar, and Contact domains: Enter one or more domains that will trigger the configured per-app VPN connection in Mail, Contacts, and Calendar apps. The Tunnel configuration for iOS and macOS provides separate fields for entering the domain information.

    Requires MobileIron Core or MobileIron Cloud 69.

    For more information seeTunnel for iOS configuration field description.

  • Report device ID to MobileIron Access: For Access deployments, Tunnel reports the device ID to MobileIron Access if the key SendDeviceID is configured in the Tunnel VPN configuration with the value true. The device ID is reported on MobileIron Access in Reports > Errors. The key-value pair is useful in identifying devices that encounter connection errors when authenticating through Access.

    See Additional configurations using key-value pairs for MobileIron Tunnel.

  • Rebranding: MobileIron has updated the Tunnel for iOS and macOS icons and user interface color scheme. See What users see in MobileIron Tunnel for iOS Additional information about MobileIron Tunnel rebranding is also provided in the Knowledge Base article Coming Soon - MobileIron UX changes MobileIron Tunnel Android and iOS App.

  • Support for MAM-only AppStation deployments: MobileIron productivity apps, Email+, [email protected], and [email protected], in a MAM-only AppStation deployment can use Tunnel to access enterprise resources. For more information about setting up a MAM-only AppStation deployment, see the AppStation for iOS Guide. The support is provided with AppStation 1.3.0 for iOS through the latest version as supported by MobileIron.

    See also, Required components for deploying MobileIron Tunnel for iOS.