Emailing debug log information

IT administrators may require Tunnel debug and log data for troubleshooting purposes. Ivanti Tunnel provides device users the option to email the Tunnel debug and log file to the IT administrator. Depending on the Tunnel setup, users can either send debug logs using the native iOS email app or using Email+.

By default Ivanti Tunnel uses the native iOS email app.

Before you begin 

Do one of the following:


  1. In the Ivanti Tunnel app, turn on Enable Logging.

  2. Tap Email Debug Info.

  3. Log information is included only if there has been activity using the Tunnel app.

  4. Enter the email address provided by your administrator.

  5. Tap Send.

Log information continues to be collected till Enable Logging is turned off. Therefore, after collecting the logs for debugging, turn off Enable Logging to stop collecting app logs. If the UseSecureEmail key is configured as true in the Tunnel VPN configuration, then Email+ must be set up on the device. If UseSecureEmail is not configured, then the iOS native email app must be set up. Otherwise, users see an error message and logs cannot be emailed.

If the device has multiple Ivanti Tunnel VPN profiles,

  • the email body includes the number of profiles and lists each profile with its app list and Safari domains.

  • if Ivanti Tunnel is set up to use Email+, and any one of the profiles is set up to use Email+, then all profiles automatically use Email+.