Ivanti Tunnel installation

Ivanti Tunnel is available in the Apple AppStore. You can install the app directly from the Apple AppStore.

Figure 1. Tunnel


  • If your device does not have the Tunnel VPN profile, you will see the ‘No VPN profiles installed’ message. After the Tunnel VPN profile is pushed to the device, the message goes away.
  • If the Tunnel VPN profile is installed on your device, when you tap a supported managed app and the app attempts to connect to a backend resource, the VPN connection is automatically turned on, and the app can securely connect to the enterprise resource. In some cases, if the VPN connection is not turned on, you can manually turn on VPN in the Tunnel app. Your IT administrator will tell you if you need to turn on VPN in the Tunnel app. You have to turn on VPN only once for the device.