Ivanti Tunnel icon on macOS devices

If Tunnel is deployed to macOS devices, users see the Tunnel icon in the top menu bar.

The icon is highlighted if Tunnel VPN is actively connected. The icon is grayed out if Tunnel is not in use. However, the Ivanti Tunnel application is always running in the background.

If users click on the Tunnel icon, the icon expands to display the Tunnel status and additional options.

Figure 1. Tunnel icon and expanded options

The following table describes the options in the Tunnel window.

Table 3.  tunnel options




Click to change the status of the VPN connection. Displays one of the following status.

  • Started: The VPN connection is active.
  • Stopped: The VPN connection is inactive.

Debug Logging

Click to turn on debug logging.

The default is Off.

Enabling debug logging saves the Tunnel logs to a file so that it can be emailed.

Email Debug Info

Click to email the log file.

Log information is included only if there has been activity using the Tunnel app.

License Information

Click to view the license information.