Installing the Connector ISO Package

After the VM environment is set up, you can install the Connector ISO package.

  1. Log in to the VM Client.

  2. In the directory tree on the left, right-click the device on which you want to install the package.

  3. Select Edit Settings from the drop-down menu.

  4. Select CD/DVD Drive 1.

  5. Make sure that Datastore ISO File is selected.

  6. Click Browse and navigate to the directory where the ISO package is kept.

  7. Select the ISO package.

  8. Click Open to return to the VM Properties screen.

  9. Click OK to return to the previous screen.

  10. Right-click the device on which the package is to be installed.

  11. Select Power, then Reset.

  12. Click Yes to reset the virtual machine.

  13. Observe the status messages at the bottom of the screen.

  14. Click the Console tab.

    The following screen appears after the ISO package is installed:

  15.       Welcome to the Connector Installation Program
          To install the Connector, type:
    install<ENTER> To boot from your local hard disk, type: <ENTER> Note: System will boot from the local hard disk if no key is pressed.
  16. Type install.

  17. Press Enter.

  18. The CentOS installation begins and might take several minutes.

  19. When prompted, press Enter to log in.

    The Configuration Wizard starts.