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Reviews are the comments and ratings (stars) your users provide about apps in the app catalog. Reviews provide valuable information to you and to users who are considering installing an app. Use the Reviews page to view or delete ratings and reviews. You might delete a review or rating if it is old or inappropriate.

  • Only device users can create and edit app ratings and reviews.
  • Device users can edit, but not delete, their own ratings and reviews.
  • Only administrators can delete app reviews.
  • App ratings cannot be deleted. Ratings (stars) given to apps remain on the Apps > App Catalog page, even if you later disable the ratings and reviews feature for your users.

Viewing ratings and reviews

  • Go to Apps > Reviews to read full user review comments and ratings (stars) for the apps you have distributed.
  • Go to Apps > App Catalog and see the Avg. Rating column for the total number of reviews and the average rating.
  • Go to Apps > Apps Catalog, click the App Name, and see the Reviews tab for ratings and reviews for a specific app.

Disabling ratings and reviews

  1. Go to Apps > Catalog Settings.
  2. Uncheck Enable Ratings and Reviews in the end user app catalog.
  3. Click Save.

Deleting a review

  1. Go to Apps > Reviews.
  2. Select the review.
  3. Click the Actions button at the top right of the page.
  4. Select Delete.
  5. Click Yes in the Delete Review confirmation dialog.

If you cannot perform tasks on the Reviews page, it might be that you do not have the required permissions. You need one of the following role:

  • Apps & Content Management

Exporting reviews to a CSV file

You can export the app reviews using the Export to CSV option from the Reviews page.


  1. Go to Apps > Reviews.
  2. Click the Export to CSV option to export the review list and related details to a CSV file.

  3. A pop-up message appears with Continue and Cancel buttons stating that the export process has started, and a report will be available shortly.

  4. Click Continue and wait for the request to complete before you submit another request.

  5. A message appears stating that the Apps Reviews - CSV report is finished with Download and Delete buttons.

  6. Click Download to download the report.

  7. (Optional) Click Delete to delete the report.