Bulk Enrolling devices using CSV file upload

Bulk enrollment allows you to register multiple Android devices using the device identifiers. You can upload the CSV file to add devices in bulk.


  1. In the Devices page, click Bulk Enrollment tab. The Bulk Enrollment page is displayed.

  2. Click Add.
  3. In the Profile Name text field, enter the name of the Profile. Optionally, click +Add description to provide a description for the CSV file.

  4. In the Upload CSV section, click Download CSV Template to download the CSV template. Using the existing format, you can edit the file to add devices.

    Allows up to 200000 rows at a time in bulk enrollment CSV.

  5. After editing and saving the CSV file, click Upload CSV to upload the CSV file. A confirmation on the successful upload is displayed.

    Rows with inadequate information may result in CSV upload failure. Each record should include at least the serial number and manufacturer information, or the IMEI value.

    To remove the added CSV file, click on the 'minus' icon. To choose a different CSV file to upload click on the Choose a different file link.

  6. Optional: Select Assign custom attributes without token to bulk enroll all types of devices without generating a token. This option is not selected by default.

    Bulk enrollment without token can also be applied when the IMEI or the combination of Serial number and Manufacturer (with or without custom attributes) is provided in the uploaded CSV file. But the registration of the device depends on the correctness in the attribute values uploaded in the CSV file. The following table explains the scenarios on the outcome based on the attribute value combination entered for bulk enrollment:



    Entered Attribute values

    Device registration status



    Serial Number






    Device is registered





    Device is registered





    Device is not registered



    CorrectIncorrectDevice is not registered

    The manufacturer name is case insensitive.

  7. In the Select User field, you can optionally select users.
    The enrollment token is displayed in the Enrollment Token column. To refresh the enrollment token, click Refresh.
    The expiry date of the token is displayed in the Token Expiry column. To extend the token expiry period, click Extend. In the Extend Upto field, enter the number of days to extend the token.

    The number of days specified should be within the range 7 to 99. Default token expiry is within 7 days.
    This page will not be displayed if you have selected the option, Assign custom attributes without token.

  8. Click Done.

After the upload, the following details of the uploaded CSV file are displayed in a table in the Bulk Enrollment Profiles page.



Profile Name The name of the Profile.
Description Some description about the profile.
Last modified The latest date of modification done in the CSV file.
TYPE Some information about the profile. By default, it is set to Self Maintained.
No of Devices The number of devices in the bulk enrollment.
Associated User Name of the associated user. Click on the Modify User link to modify user.

You can perform any of the following action:

Download Existing Inventory - Click this button to download details of all the devices available in the profile.

View - Click this link to view the details of profiles uploaded in bulk for registration.

Edit - Click this button to edit the profile details. This option is available only when single device option is selected.

Delete - Click this link to delete the profile. In the confirmation window, click Yes to confirm the deletion of the uploaded profile.

Token generated while uploading CSV should be used for the registration. Entering the wrong token redirects to normal IReg flow where the ID/password should be entered.


When viewing the Bulk Enrollment profiles from the View Profile details section, you can perform other tasks from the Actions tab, which is present on the View Profile details page.

  • Add More Devices - Use this option to add more devices to a profile. You need to provide either IMEI Number or Serial Number, or both, Manufacturer, and optionally the Custom Attributes information and then click Save.
  • Modify Configuration - Use this option to modify an existing configuration. You can add Ivanti specific keys, make changes to Pre-Defined Android System Extras or Custom Android System Keys and then click Update.
  • Generate QR code - Use this option to generate a QR code for Bulk Enrollment of profiles.
  • Refresh Token - Use this option to refresh a token or extend the validity of a token.
  • Delete - Use this option to delete devices from the selected profile. Once you select the devices and click the Delete button, a confirmation pop-up appears on the screen. Click Delete.
  • Edit - Use this option to edit devices from the selected profile. You need to select the devices and click the Edit button.