Cellular Private Network Configuration

Ivanti Neurons for MDM enables the Cellular Private Network configuration payload to provide device information on private network deployments, including geographical location, preference over Wi-Fi, and network deployment type.

Applicable to

iOS 17.0 through the most recently released version as supported by Ivanti Neurons for MDM.


  1. Go to Configurations > +Add.
  2. Search and select the Cellular Private Network configuration.
  3. Configure the Cellular Private Network settings as per the following table:




    Enter a name that identifies this configuration.


    Enter a description that clarifies the purpose of this configuration.

    Cellular Data Preferred

    Select the check box to enable and use cellular data over Wi-Fi.

    NR Standalone

    Select the check box if the cellular data network has NR 5G Standalone.

    Data Set Name

    Specify the Data Set Name that identifies with this configuration.

    Version Number

    Specify the Version Number for the data set to track the system updates.


    Specify the Latitude, Longitude, and Radius for each Geo ID to deploy a private network in a geographical location.

    You can create a list of up to one thousand geofences for private networks.

  4. Click Next to configure the distribution settings.
  5. Select one of the distribution options to set up the Cellular Private Network configuration. For more information about configuring distribution options, see Working with Configurations.
  6. Click Done.