Using the Ivanti incapptic Connect Apps page

The Apps page is the home page for your Ivanti incapptic Connect applications. Your applications and accompanying information are displayed here.

Figure 1. Ivanti incapptic Connect Apps page

incapptic Connect Apps page

You can find the following information on the Apps page:

If an option or a button isn’t visible, then the option is not enabled on your system.

Table 4.  Apps page settings

Apps page element


App Name

In the case of an iOS app, the app name is not necessarily identical to the app name in the Apple developer portal.

For apps which are deployed to an Enterprise mobile management (EMM) system, this name is displayed in both the respective console and store.

For Public Apps (Apple App Store and Google Play), you can set a country-specific (different) name in the app metadata.


Supported platforms are iOS and Android.

Target type

  • App stores: Apple App Store and Google Play
  • EMM systems: Ivanti EPMM, VMWare AirWatch, Microsoft Intune


The environment can be either Production or Test. This display is for information only and helps to differentiate. There is no difference in the features.


The status column shows the status of the latest app release. It can have the following values:

  • No version: No release of this app has been uploaded so far.
  • Draft: A new release has been created and can still be edited.
  • Signed: The release has been submitted, the binary was successfully signed and all the meta data was submitted.
  • Failed: Something went wrong with the signing of the latest release. Open the app version details page of that release for further details.
  • In Publishing Approval (optional configuration): Ivanti incapptic Connect provides the option for each publishing release to be approved after the app release—with all metadata—is submitted and successfully signed. If the release has not yet been approved, the app version status is displayed as 'in publishing approval.' 
  • Rejected: The app release was internally reviewed and rejected. For details, open the app release details page.
  • Upload in progress: Uploading to the respective app store can take some time, especially for Apple App Store Connect. If the upload is not finished, the status is shown as in progress.
  • Rejected by target: The app release was rejected by the app store
  • Available in target: The new release is available in the respective app store and can be downloaded by the app users.


Tracks the expiration time for in-house apps.

If an app is no longer valid, it will not start on the device.

Last activity

This date reflects the time when an app release was last changed, as when a new version is created or published.