Apps Dashboard Page

The Apps dashboard page enables you to view meta data, app details, contact details, data safety, and so on.

You can find the following information on the Apps Dashboard page:

If an option or a button isn’t visible, then the option is not enabled on your system.

Table 9.  Apps Dashboard

Apps Dashboard



The binary metadata displays binary information such as bundle identifier, build number, business unit, and so on.

Expand the binary meta data and view the original binary metadata and resigned binary metadata information. This specific area will allow you to view all of the binary metadata that has been extracted from the binary file and displayed.


The App details display information about the app, categorization, languages, privacy, and so on.


Expand the 3rd Party Audits to view Zimperium ZScan details such as security score, privacy score, and security findings. Click Download PDF to view the details in PDF format.


The Meta data displays the metadata of binary information.


The App privacy displays the data collection information of third party partners. You can view the full list of questions at any time.

Click View Data Collection Settings to collect data from the app.


Click to view data collection and security information.

  • Click More information and the Help Center page opens.

  • Click View Data Collection Settings, and the Data Collection window opens. Click Close.

  • Click Download CSV to download user data.


The financial features allow you to select financial features in your app.


The advertising ID is to verify that you are using an advertising ID.

CONTENT RATING Click to view content rating information and help pop-up to Google the content of your app.


Click to view review notes, the release version, and submission information.


Click to view the user contact details.


Click to view the product details and graphic assets.

The product details can have the following values:

  • Add graphic assets: You can add graphics in different formats, such as Hi-Res icon, feature graphic, TV graphic, and so on. The pixel size that is allowed to be uploaded is as follows:
    • Hi-Res icon: Icon with transparent PNG or JPEG format and 512 px by 512 px up to 1 MB.

    • Feature Graphic: Graphic in PNG or JPEG format with 1024 px by 500 px up to 1 MB.

    • Promo graphic (optional): Graphic in JPG or PNG format with 180 px by 120 px up to 24-bit.

    • TV graphic (optional): Graphic in JPG or PNG format with 1280 ox by 720 px on JPG up to 24-bit.

    • 3600 steroscoptic image: Grpahic in JPG ro PNG format with 4096 px by 4096 px up to 24-bit.

    • Promo video URL: Click the help button to view the instructions to upload a URL.

  • Screenshots: You can upload eight screenshots from different devices, such as a Phone, Tablet 7'', Tablet 10'' and so on. The pixel size and format that are allowed to be uploaded are as follows:
    • Phone: Upload a screen shot with 640 px by 960 px.

    • Table 7'': Upload a screen shot with 640 px by 960 px.

    • Tablet 10'': Upload a screen shot with 640 px by 960 px.

  1. Click Previous to move to the previous page.

  2. Click Next to move to the next tab

  3. Click Submit to submit.

The user opens the link on the mobile device. A new screen appears, with an option to install the Direct Download app. If there is a previous version of the app already on the device, it will be updated.

  • The user does not need to provide any credentials.

  • The user does not need to be a user of the Ivanti incapptic Connect system.

Data Safety

We’ve updated the Google Play Target data safety form with new questions and changed the CSV download feature. Updated form as per the Google Data Safety Form.

The data safety form is updated and applies only to Google Play applications.

  1. You can upload any Google Play application.

  2. Go to the app version page > Data Safety > Edit Data Collection.

  3. Fill out the form and click Save.

  4. Click Download CSV.

  5. When submitting the app, fill out the data safety form, download it (using the download csv option), and upload it to the Google Play Console using Import from CSV.

  6. Browse the file and click Upload. After upload, you can view a message CSV file successfully uploaded.

Content Rating

You are aligned with the new changes to the Google Play content rating declaration and related forms.

Table 10.  Content Rating App Category

Apps Category


Social or Communication

The primary purpose of this app is to enable users to share content or communicate with large groups of people.

For example: Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and SMS.


The app is a game or betting app, usually undertaken for entertainment or fun.

For example: Candy Crush Saga, Temple Run, Mario Kart, The Sims, Angry Birds, casino games, or daily fantasy sports.

All Other App Types

Any app that isn't a game, social networking app, or communication app. The app is to present factual information, sell physical goods, and provide services. For example: entertainment products, consumer stores, news apps, lifestyle apps, streaming services, utilities, tools, emoji sets, fitness apps, magazines, and customizations.