Apart from the standard functionality of signing and publishing an App, Ivanti incapptic Connect also includes some configurable administration app-level settings.

Administration settings for iOS devices

You can set a variety of settings for iOS devices.

Figure 1. Administration App settings for iOS devices

Administration App settings for iOS devices


  1. From the Ivanti incapptic Connect > Administration page.

  2. Click the Settings tab. The following administration settings can be configured for iOS devices:

    Table 13.  Administration settings for iOS devices




    Automatically submit iOS Apps for Review

    Enabled or Disabled

    Automatically submit iOS apps for review with this setting.

    Enables: The apps are submitted for review.

    Apple App Store

    Release date delay

    In the Apple App Store, set the release date delay from the drop-down.

    Google Play Store

    Availability day delay

    In the Google Play Store, set the availability day delay from the drop-down.

    Audit Logs setting Retain logs of day (0-365) In the Audit Logs Setting, set the retain logs of day (0-365) from the drop-down.
    Disk Space Settings Set disk space threshold in GB In the Disk Space Settings, set the set disk space threshold in GB from the drop-down.

    Display Internal Knowledge Base Link

    Type the knowledge base URL.

    In the field, type the knowledge base's URL.

Submitting iOS App for review

The incapptic Connect now submits iOS apps for review automatically.

  1. You can enable the option for automatically submitting iOS apps for review – Dashboard > Administration > Settings > Automatically submit iOS Apps for Review

  2. After enabling Automatically submit iOS Apps for Review, you must manually perform the below steps in the App Store.

    The automatic review feature does not work for the first version of the app. The Automatically submit iOS Apps for Review works from the second version.

    1. Log in to the Apple Developer Portal.

    2. Select any app.

    3. Go to the App Privacy tab.

    4. Click Get Started.

    5. Select Any from Data Collection.

    6. Click Save and Publish.

  3. After performing the above steps, you can upload the binary file from incapptic to the App Store. After successful upload, the status should read Waiting for review in the App Store and incapptic.