Administration app settings

Apart from the standard functionality of signing and publishing an App, Ivanti incapptic Connect also includes some configurable administration app-level settings.

Administration app settings for iOS devices

You can set a variety of settings for iOS devices.

Figure 1. Administration App settings for iOS devices

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  1. From the Ivanti incapptic Connect > Apps page, click the app you want to modify. The My Apps details page opens.

  2. Click the Signing Details tab. The following administration settings can be configured for iOS devices:

    Table 8.  Administration settings for iOS devices




    App Owner Approval

    Enabled or Disabled

    Organizations often require that apps be approved by the app owner before the publishing team publishes the App to the target.

    Enabled: Once the app is re-signed, the publishing team cannot publish the app before the app owner approves it, and the Publish button will not be visible. Once the app owner has approved the app, the Publish button will again be visible to the publishing team.

    Automatic Push Notification Certificate Update

    Enabled or Disabled

    Push notification certificates can be automatically updated with this setting.

    Enabled: The certificate is updated one month before the previous certificate expires.

    For more information on push notification certificates, see the knowledge base article “Push Notification Certificates.”

    Ignore Entitlement Errors

    Enabled or Disabled

    An entitlement is a single right granted to an app that gives it additional permissions beyond what it would ordinarily have. Errors can sometimes occur that are caused by these entitlements, which prevents the app from being successfully signed.

    Enabled:  Entitlement errors during re-signing are ignored.

    Disable Fastlane for Provisioning Profiles

    On or Off

    This setting is for apps that are unable to download a provisioning profile from Apple due to Fastlane limitations.

    On: Disables Fastlane for this app and forces the app into manual provisioning profile mode.

    App Groups

    Refresh App Groups

    App groups are updated by default once a day at midnight. Use this setting to see more recent changes.

    Refresh App Groups: Fetches the latest app groups from the Apple Developer Portal. Click this if you have added, changed, or removed an app group and would like to see the updated list.

    Retire App

    Retire App or Restore App

    Remove an app from management through Ivanti incapptic Connect.

    Retire App: Retires the app without deleting it from the system. This allows you to restore the app later.

    Restore App: Restores the app to the Ivanti incapptic Connect system.

    Delete App

    Delete App

    Completely remove an app from your Ivanti incapptic Connect platform. Note that retiring or deleting an app from here does not affect the connected target.

    Delete App: Deletes all app contents and metadata history. This action cannot be undone.

    Tip Ivanti incapptic Connect recommends that you to Retire your Apps before deleting them.

Administration app settings for Android devices

For Android Applications, the settings are limited to App Owner Approval, Retire App, and Delete App. See the setting descriptions in the previous table.

Figure 2. Administration app settings for Android devices

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Submitting iOS App for review

Starting from the incapptic Connect 1.47 release, the incapptic Connect now submits iOS apps for review automatically.

  1. You can enable the option for automatically submitting iOS apps for review – Dashboard > Administration > Settings > Automatically submit iOS Apps for Review

  2. After enabling Automatically submit iOS Apps for Review, you must manually perform the below steps in the App Store.

    The automatic review feature does not work for the first version of the app. The Automatically submit iOS Apps for Review works from the second version.

    1. Log in to the Apple Developer Portal.

    2. Select any app.

    3. Go to the App Privacy tab.

    4. Click Get Started.


    5. Select Any from Data Collection.

    6. Click Save and Publish.

  3. After performing the above steps, you can upload the binary file from incapptic to the App Store. After successful upload, the status should read Waiting for review in the App Store and incapptic.