H1 Title for concept

This is a template for a concept topic. Use noun-based titles for concept topics in H1 heading style. The title should identify that the topic includes background information on a feature. For example: Device management overview, Settings, etc.

General information about the topic goes here, including a diagram, list of features, table, etc. Add H2 subheadings to include additional information such as prerequisites, if necessary. Mobile Threat Defense Solution Guide for Core

About heading capitalization 2020 and beyond

By agreement in July 2020, MobileIron headings and captions will all be initial capital only, that is, sentence capitals.The exception is the Book Title, which will continue to use Heading Capitialization.

H2 First subheading for concept

General information for subheading.

Figure 1. This is a figure title

H2 Second subheading for concept

General info for subheading.

For more information about the subject, see the following topics: