IPV6 commands

This section describes IPV6 commands.

Table 44.  IPV6 commands




ipv6 enable

Configure terminal

Enables IPV6 on the system

ipv6 disable

Configure terminal

Disable IPV6 on the system

ipv6 address <ipv6 address> <ipv6 network prefix> <ipv6 default gateway (optional)>

Configure terminal > Configure interface GigabitEthernet 1

Assigns IPV6 address to Gigabit Ethernet 1 interface

no ipv6 address

Configure terminal > Configure interface Gigabitethernet 1

Removes IPV6 address from Gigabit Ethernet 1 interface

ipv6 route <ipv6 address> <ipv6 network prefix> <gateway address>

Configure terminal

Adds an IPV6 route

ping6 <ipv6 address>

Enable mode

Able to ping a destination with IPV6 address

show ipv6 route

Enable mode

Displays all available IPV6 routes

show ipv6 interface brief GigabitEthernet 1

Enable mode

Displays the IPV6 configuration on a network interface

traceroute6 <ipv6 address>

Enable mode

Traces route to the IPV6 destination

ipv6 name-server <ipv6 address of the name server> <index>

Configure terminal

Adds a name server with IPV6 address

ping6 <domain or ipv6 address>


Pings IPV6 address