INTERFACE mode command summary

INTERFACE mode comes in two flavors:

  • GigabitEthernet — Configures the physical ethernet interfaces.
  • VLAN — Configures the virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) interfaces.

You enter each INTERFACE mode from the CONFIG mode using the commands interface GigabitEthernet or interface VLAN.


/config# interface GigabitEthernet 2


Each INTERFACE mode has its own set of commands that are applied to the specified interface, such as GigabitEthernet 2 in the above example. Most commands are shared by both modes.

The commands specific to the INTERFACE modes are summarized in the following table, and then listed in detail in alphabetical order.

Table 40.  INTERFACE mode commands




Runs EXEC or EXEC PRIVILEGED commands.


Returns to CONFIGURE mode.


Exits the EXEC mode and closes the terminal window.

ip address

Configures the IP address of a physical or VLAN interface.


no ip address - Resets the IP address of a physical or VLAN interface.

no shutdown - Enables a physical or VLAN interface.

physical interface GigabitEthernet

(Available in INTERFACE VLAN mode only.) Creates a VLAN interface on the specified physical interface.


Disables the current VLAN or physical interface.