Assigning the Connector role

Each Connector authenticates to Ivanti EPMM with an Authorized Admin Portal local user account. We recommend creating a user and assigning only the Connector role to authenticate the Connector to your Ivanti EPMM.

If you are using multiple Connectors and/or auditing tools that require user names, assign one user account to each Connector rather than having one user account accessing all Connectors.


  1. Log on to the Admin Portal: https://<fully-qualified_domain_name>/admin
  2. Select the Devices & Users > Users. Click Add Local User.
  3. Enter the requested information to create the user account for Connector access.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Go to Admin > Admins.
  6. Select the local user you created for Connector access.
  7. From Actions, select Assign to Space.

    Ivanti EPMM displays the Assign to Space dialog.

  8. From Select Space, select the device space for this user.

    See Ivanti EPMM Delegated Administration Guide for information about device spaces and roles.

  9. In the Admin Roles section of Assign to Space, find Other Roles.
  10. In Other Roles, check Connector.
  11. Click Save.
  12. Continue to Adding Enterprise Connector entries