Installing with the Configuration Wizard

After you install the Enterprise Connector ISO package, the Welcome screen is displayed.


  1. Enter yes to continue and to open the end user license agreement.
  2. Scroll through and read this agreement.
  3. Enter yes when asked to accept the agreement or no to close the Wizard and terminate the installation process.
  4. Enter the following information:

    • company name used in both the SMS and email communication
    • contact person’s name
    • contact person’s email
  5. When asked to Enter enable a secret, enter a password between 6 and 20 alphanumeric characters. The enable secret is a password used to protect access to privileged EXEC and configuration modes. This password, after entered, is encrypted in the configuration.
  6. Re-enter the password at the confirmation prompt.
  7. Enter the Administrator User Name at the prompt.
  8. Enter the Administrator Password at the prompt.
  9. Enter the network interface you will use to connect to the management network.
  10. Type a or b for the physical interface you want to use.
  11. Enter the IP Address associated with the physical interface you selected.
  12. Enter the Netmask associated with the IP address you just entered.
  13. Enter the IP of the Default Gateway for the appliance.
  14. Enter the hostname of the appliance.

    Although the Wizard requests an External Hostname (FQDN) for this step, Connector does not require an externally accessible URL, and therefore, you can enter an internal or external hostname.

  15. Enter the IP address of the primary name server (Name Server 1) used by the appliance.
  16. Enter the IP address(es) of the secondary and tertiary name servers, as preferred, or press Enter to skip adding more name servers.
  17. Type yes to enable remote shell access via SSH or NO to disable this option.
  18. Type yes to enable NTP or NO to disable this option.
  19. Enter the IP address of the primary time.
  20. Enter the IP address(es) of the secondary and tertiary time source(s) or press <Enter> to skip adding more time sources.
  21. Type yes to save your changes.
  22. Type reload to reboot the system and enable the portal service.
  23. Type yes when asked if you want to proceed with reload.

    The installation script continues, displaying status on the console. The installation process may take several minutes. When it is complete, a confirmation message displays.