Manually upgrading Enterprise Connector

In most cases, Enterprise Connector is upgraded automatically after a Ivanti EPMM upgrade. Ivanti EPMM upgrades include any new service package necessary for the Enterprise Connector. If Connector needs to be updated, then Ivanti EPMM prompts Connector to access the new package and complete an in-place upgrade. In most cases, this process completes successfully, and Connector restarts.

If there is a problem with the in-place upgrade, then Connector makes two additional attempts to complete the upgrade. Connector reboots before attempting to upgrade again. If the upgrade is still not successful, then Connector reverts to the previous version and begins running in compatibility mode. In this case, you must complete the steps detailed in this section.

Complete the manual upgrade procedure under the following circumstances:

  • The automatic upgrade is unsuccessful.
  • The current Connector installation requires updates to the host platform.


  1. In System Manager, select Maintenance > Software Updates.

    The default URL should be sufficient. Do not change it unless instructed to do so.

  2. Enter the credentials assigned by Ivanti EPMM Support.
  3. Click Apply.
  4. Click OK to dismiss the success popup.
  5. Click Check Updates.

    The available updates are listed.

  6. Select the update.
  7. Click Download if you want to download the update now and complete the installation at a later time.
  8. Refresh the screen and click Check Updates.

    After the download is complete, the status for the update changes to Downloaded.

  9. Click Stage for Install when you are ready to install.

    • If you had already downloaded the selected update, the system stages the update for installation.
    • If you did not previously download the selected update, it is downloaded and staged for installation.
  10. Refresh the screen and click Check Updates.

    After the software update has been staged for installation, the status for the update changes to Reboot to Install. You can now install the update by rebooting the system. If the status of an update is not Reboot to Install, rebooting the system will not install the update.

  11. Select Maintenance > Reboot to reboot Enterprise Connector.

    To successfully install the update, you must reboot after the status is Reboot to install.