M2700 Series appliance

The Ivanti EPMM M2700 Series large-scale deployment appliance provides a tightly-integrated solution comprised of a standardized appliance with the resources necessary for larger deployments and dedicated QA certification of all Ivanti EPMM functionality. The following table lists the M2700 appliance specifications.

For installation instructions, see Installing Ivanti EPMM ISO onto an appliance.

Table 31.  M2700 Series appliance specifications



Form factor

1U Rackmount Chassis, 27.95” D x 1.7” H x 16.93” W


2 x Intel® Xeon® 6226R, 2.9 GHz, 16-core, 32 cores total


384GB 2933 MHz DDR4 ECC


2x USB 2.0 Front, 3x USB 3.0 Back


1+1 Redundant 1100W

Management interface

1 x 1GbE RJ-45, IPMI 2.0, RMM4 lite, Virtual media over LAN, KVM over LAN

LAN ports

2 x 10Gbit on-system board Northbridge, 4 x 1Gbit on PCIE 2.1 riser card

Storage devices

4 x 3.2 TB NVMe U.2 Enterprise SSD, RAID10 via Intel VROC

Further information


M2700 front panel

The following figures, key, and LED table describe the M2700 font panel.

Figure 1. M2700 front panel

Table 32.  M2700 front panel key


B. Video Port

C. USB Ports

D. NIC-2 Activity LED

E. Store drive activity LED

F. System ID button with LED

G. NMI button

H. NIC-1 activity LED

I. System cold reset button

J. System status LED

K. Power button with LED


Table 33.   Informational LED Fields

LED status




Blinking green

Degraded - usually means a redundant part has failed.

Blinking amber

Degraded - System will fail soon

Solid amber

System failure

M2700 back panel

The following figure and key describe the M2700 back panel.

Figure 2. M2700 back panel

Figure 3. M2600 back panel key

A. 1G NICs

B. Power Supply 1

C. Power Supply 2

D. 10G NIC 1

E. 10G NIC 2

F. Video Port

G. RJ45 Serial Port

H. USB Ports

I. RMM4 NIC Port