Preparing for Windows device support

This section describes how to prepare for Windows device support, (Windows Mobile 8.1 and Window 10 devices). This section includes:

Windows device support requirements

The following table lists the requirements for Windows device support.

Table 13.   Requirements for Windows devices




Publicly trusted certificate for registration (Portal certificate)



Autodiscovery: If autodiscovery is not set up, the registration process requires the device user to enter the Ivanti Sentry server address, that is, the FQDN for your Ivanti Sentry



DNS A record



SAN: Includes portal and enterpriseenrollment.



Setting up autodiscovery

Autodiscovery allows Windows devices to seamlessly register with Ivanti EPMM and Ivanti Sentry. The following set up is required for using autodiscovery with Windows devices:

Create DNS A record

Create a DNS A record that refers DNS requests for to the Ivanti EPMM IP address.

YourCompanyDomainName must match the domain of the email addresses used for registering with Ivanti EPMM.

Figure 1. Enterprise enrollment

Obtain a TLS/SSL SAN certificate

For Windows devices, a Subject Alternative Name (SAN) TLS/SSL certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority (CA), such as Verisign or GoDaddy, is required. If you use a self-signed (localCA) certificate, device enrollment will fail.

  • The TLS/SSL certificate provides trusted and secured connection without certificate warnings.
  • A SAN certificate, also known as a multi-domain certificate or a unified communication certificate, is valid for two or more hosts. The SAN certificate must cover the Ivanti EPMM hostname and enterpriseenrollment.YourCompany-Domain

Connecting to the Windows Store

You can set up recommended apps that device users can download from the Ivanti Apps@Work app. For Windows devices, your firewall must allow connections to the following hosts:

Table 14.  Windows host connections your firewall must allow


Host connection

Windows 10 app store search
Windows 10 VPN for Cisco AnyConnect
Windows Phone 8 App store detail URL
Windows Phone 8 app store icon URL

See External and Internet rules for which ports to open.