Verifying the Ivanti EPMM connection

After the Connector is configured, confirm that it is connected to Ivanti EPMM:


  1. Log on to the Admin Portal: https://<fully-qualified_domain_name>

  2. Go to Services > Connector.

    The Connector page opens displaying the Connection status.

    Both More Actions and View Global Statistics menus are used in conjunction with Ivanti EPMM personnel for diagnostics purposes.

  3. Click the Connector of interest to display the detailed information on the right pane.

    Troubleshooting and View Statistics are used in conjunction with Ivanti EPMM personnel for diagnostics purposes.

Understanding global statistics

The following table describes the values tracked in the Global Statistics pane:

Table 28.   Global statistics




Statistics related to work orders posted by Ivanti EPMM, for example, an LDAP query from Ivanti EPMM is a work order from Ivanti EPMM to Connector.


Number of work orders posted to Connector.


Number of asynchronous work orders posted from Ivanti EPMM.


The solicit is the empty request posted from Connector. Ivanti EPMM sends a work order in response to the solicit if the work order is queued. Timeout means the solicit pended until the timeout limit and Ivanti EPMM did not have any work order to post in response, therefore, it abandoned the solicit.


Connector could not respond to the work order within the time Ivanti EPMM was expecting resent work orders reposted.


Ivanti EPMM did not process work orders because there are no corresponding solicits from Connector, or connector is off-line.


Internal processing error.


The latency required to dispatch the work orders, with min, max, and ave calculated using the specified number of work orders.


The time required to get the response from Connector after posting the work order to Connector.




Current number of waiting solicits in the queue from Connector waiting for work orders.


Current number of pending work orders in the queue waiting for Connector solicits.