Upgrade Ivanti EPMM using System Manager

When you upgrade Ivanti EPMM it is important to properly set up the environment and all necessary components. Read and complete each section before upgrading Ivanti EPMM using System Manager.

Content development preparation

Software downloads are supported through both:

  • Ivanti support page
  • a content development network (CDN)

A CDN can improve software download speed. When you request an upgrade without specifying a URL, the download proceeds using a CDN by default. If the upgrade cannot proceed via CDN, then the upgrade automatically redirects to Ivanti support page.

Make the following preparations to support upgrade via CDN:

  • Firewall rules must include HTTPS outbound to support-cdn.mobileiron.com (the CDN URL).
  • We recommend allowing all outbound HTTPS traffic in your firewall rules because the location of data hosted on a CDN can change.
  • An outbound connection to the Internet is necessary to ensure reliability.

VM requirements

Before upgrading a virtual Ivanti EPMM, confirm that your VM instance meets requirements. See the latest On-Premise Installation Guide for Ivanti EPMM and Enterprise Connector for these requirements.

Backup availability

It is always prudent to create backups prior to upgrading. You have different options for performing a backup:

  • Use the Backup and Restore feature in System Manager.
  • If Professional Services has implemented backups for your system, make sure you have a recent successful backup.
  • If you are using a virtual Ivanti EPMM, consider creating a .vmdk backup.

Updating Ivanti EPMM


TLS authentication is mandatory for users to upgrade the software. The user must enable the Mutual authentication check box on the Ivanti EPMM admin portal under Settings > Security > Certificate Authentication. To upgrade Ivanti EPMM software using the System Manager:

  1. Log into System Manager.
  2. Go to Maintenance > Software Updates to display the Software Updates options.
  3. Go to the Software repository configuration group.
  4. Enter the credentials assigned by Ivanti Support.
  5. Click Apply > OK.
  6. Click Check Updates to show a list of the available updates.
  7. Select the update you want.
  8. Click Download Now if you want to download the update now and complete the installation at a later time.
  9. Refresh the screen and click Check Updates.

    After the download is complete, the status for the update changes to Downloaded.

  10. Click Validate to validate the database and select one of the following options:

    Validate Database structure (schema) to verify that the existing database has the right database structure to proceed with upgrade. If the validation fails, do not proceed with the upgrade and contact Ivanti Support.

    Validate the Database structure and Data to copy the database to a temporary database to run the validation then click Yes to stop EPMM services, (required for validation).

    Validating the database with data can take up to 4 hours, depending on the database size.

    The Validation Status include the following options:

    • Not Running
    • Validation Running
    • Validation Failed
    • Validation is Successful

    This step is option, but highly recommended. It alerts you to any problems that can happen during the upgrade process and can avoid the upgrade if the Validate DB returns errors. When the DB validations has no errors, then you can proceed with upgrading the environment.

  11. Refresh the screen and click Check Updates.

    After the software update has been staged for installation, the status for the update changes to Reboot to Install. You can now install the update by rebooting the system. If the status of an update is not Reboot to Install, rebooting the system will not install the update.

  12. Select Maintenance > Reboot to reboot Ivanti EPMM. To successfully install the update, you must reboot after the status is Reboot to install.
  13. Click Stage for Install when you are ready to install. If you have already downloaded the selected update, the system stages the update for installation. If you did not previously download the selected update, it is downloaded and staged for installation.

  14. Click Yes to agree to the End User License Agreement and proceed further.

  15. Refresh the screen and click Check Updates.

  16. Continue with Verifying the upgrade is complete.

Verifying the upgrade is complete

To verify that the upgrade is complete:

Ivanti recommends to allow HTTPS traffic on port 8443 from the corporate network, limited to Ivanti applications only. This service is intended for EPMM server management and must have strictly controlled access.

  1. Go to the Ivanti EPMM System Manager:


  2. Select Maintenance > Software Updates.
  3. Confirm that the current version is correct.

Important! Under no circumstances should you restart the upgrade. Contact Ivanti Technical Support if you need assistance. Once this upgrade procedure is complete, it may take up to 5 minutes for Ivanti Client apps to display in the App Catalog page.

Viewing upgrade status

Go to the following URL to see the progress of an upgrade: https://FQDN:8443/upgrade/status.