About Ivanti Mobile@Work for macOS

Ivanti Mobile@Work for macOS is a client app that works with Ivanti Neurons for MDM or Ivanti Endpoint Manager Mobile (EPMM) server. As an administrator you can use Ivanti Mobile@Work for macOS to perform the following tasks:

  • Execute security policy for managed macOS devices

  • Remotely execute shell scripts

  • Support installation of macOS .dmg and .app files

The links to supporting Ivanti Endpoint Manager Mobile (EPMM) and Ivanti Neurons for MDM documentation in the procedures below were current at the time of publication. If you encounter a link that now refers to an earlier product version, please access the latest documentation by changing the version number in the URL. For example, to access release 88 online help, the URL would be http://<base online help URL>/88/all/en-us/LandingPage.htm.

Installation from Ivanti Endpoint Manager Mobile (EPMM)

As an administrator you can install Ivanti Mobile@Work for macOS from the Ivanti Endpoint Manager Mobile (EPMM) server.


  1. Click the following URL:
  2. The following page opens:
  3. Download the mobile@work application file.
  4. Import the downloaded application into the Ivanti EPMM server App Catalog section.
  5. Distribute the application from Ivanti EPMM to the target devices. For more information see Managing Apps in the Delegated Administration Guide.
  6. For registration related information see Registration Considerations.
  7. Ivanti Mobile@Work for macOS always uses mutual authentication with the servers for device check-in.

Installation from Ivanti Neurons for MDM

You can install Ivanti Mobile@Work for macOS from Ivanti Neurons for MDM.


  1. Ensure that Mobile@Work for macOS is available on the App Catalog page in the Ivanti Neurons for MDM administrative portal and is distributed to the target macOS devices.

  2. Create Mobile@Work for macOS configuration and set it to be distributed to the target macOS devices. For more information, see Creating a Mobile@Work for macOS configuration > in the Mobile@Work for macOS topic in the Ivanti Neurons for MDM Administrative Guide.

  3. Configure installation options and ensure that you select the following:

    • Device Installation Configurations
      • Do not show app in end user App Catalog
      • Require installation on device
      • Set App Install Priority to High
    • Install as Managed App
  4. Perform macOS Device Registration. The installation and registration of Mobile@Work for macOS happens automatically on the target device.