Uploading brand details

The administrator can now upload the following brand details on the User Onboarding page from the Cloud Admin console:

  • App Icon

  • App Name

  • Text Color


  1. Log in to the Cloud portal with administrator credentials.

  2. Go to Admin > Branding > User Onboarding Branding.

  3. Click Customize.

  4. Specify the following details:

    • App Icon: Drag and drop the brand logo file, or click Choose File to select it from your file system, and click Upload.

      You can only upload a square .png file.

    • App Name: Enter the brand name.

    • Text Color: Select the brand color from the palette or specify the hexadecimal code for the color.

  1. View the changes in the Preview pane.

  2. Click Save Changes. The brand logo, color, and text are updated in the User Onboarding screen.