Ivanti Connect Secure software includes Ivanti Licensing and Software Download Center @, that lets you configure the Connect Secure device as a license server to allow administrators to view all configured systems and move those licenses as needed. Other devices on the network lease licenses from the central license server.

Alternatively, you can install and manage licenses directly on each device and eliminate the license server entirely. Your company’s needs and requirements dictate which configuration is best for you.

Significant Changes in ICS 21.x Release from PCS 9.x Release

The following list shows the significant changes in ICS 21.x compared to PCS 9.x::

ICS 21.x Gateway can only lease licenses from the PCS 9.1R13.1 License Server

Introduction of ICS SKUs

Introduction of nSA Named User License

Does not support PSA-specific concurrent user licenses

Core licenses and V-FED are not required for upgrading and creating clusters

Supports existing Feature licenses, excluding the deprecated features (see the section Features not Supported)

Supports three ways of obtaining and installing licenses:

Install licenses directly on the Standalone ICS Gateway.

Install licenses on the PCS 9.1R13.1License Server and lease licenses.

Register the Gateway in Ivanti Neurons for Secure Access (nSA) and use nSA Named User license.

Supports two modes of licensing:

GW Licensing mode

nSA Named User Licensing mode

ICS 21.x supports the following platforms:

ISA Model Name



Max Concurrent Users












1000 for AWS and Azure
25000 for VMware

End User License Agreement (EULA) acceptance is mandatory, and you are entitled to use the features of the software that you have licensed within the limits of your Proof of Entitlement. Contact your sales representative for more information.

Choosing the Licensing Mode

You can use either Gateway licenses or nSA Named User licenses. You can switch between these two licensing modes any time. Gateway Licensing mode is same as the existing 9.x Gateway licensing.

To choose the licensing mode:

1.In the admin console of the license server, choose System > Configuration > Licensing > Licensing Summary.

The License Summary page shows the two options, Gateway Licensing Mode and nSA Named User Licensing Mode. By default, Gateway Licensing Mode is selected.

2.Choose the required mode and click Switch. A log message is displayed upon the successful switch.