Ivanti Connect Secure Release Notes

Ivanti Connect Secure 9.1R18.1 Build 23821

Ivanti Secure Access Client 22.3R3 Build 19959

Default ESAP Version: ESAP 4.0.5

This document is the release notes for Ivanti Connect Secure Release 9.1R18.1. This document contains information about what is included in this software release: supported features, feature changes, unsupported features, and known issues. If the information in the release notes differs from the information found in the documentation set, follow the release notes.

From 9.1R16, Pulse Secure Client is re-branded as Ivanti Secure Access Client. Complete UX rebranding and the UI upgrade is implemented. There is also an option to switch between the Classic UI and New-UI to maintain user experience. The Pulse Secure client icon is replaced by Ivanti Secure Access Client icon . For more information refer KB45301.