VPN Known Issues

The following table lists the Known issues in the current release.

Problem Report Number

Release Note

Release 22.2.1


Application crashes while enrolling to ZTA connection on fresh client installation.

Workaround: Relaunch the client, open the newly added ZTA profile, and click connect to continue enrolment.


Application crashes when a user adds or connects to a VPN profile on fresh client installation.

Workaround: Relaunch the client.


Unable to establish user session with Ivanti Connect Secure when only bookmarks are configured and VPN is disabled.

Workaround: Enable VPN Tunneling on Ivanti Connect Secure.


Soft token is getting unselected if selected after import.

Workaround: Re-select soft token and save the profile.


Empty Home is observed in Classic UI.

Workaround: Force stop the application and restart.


Disconnect failure observed after disconnection of nZTA connection.

Workaround: None.


Under rare occasions, application services may restart automatically without interruptions to data traffic.

Workaround: None.