Known Issues

The following table lists the Known issues in the current release.

Problem Report Number

Release Note

Release 22.7.2


Connection teardowns when IPV6 enabled LTE is used for the connection.

Workaround: On ICS, enable Roaming under Role Session option.

Release 22.7.1


On iOS 17, the tunnel remains in reconnecting stage for five minutes before disconnecting when network is unavailable.

Workaround: None.

Release 22.6.1

No new known issues in this release.

Release 22.5.1


On iOS 17, cannot import RSA soft token using Sdtid format.

Workaround: Use CT-KIP format to import the soft token.

Release 22.4.1


On LTE Network, the Non-tunnel resources are not accessible for Enable Split tunnel mode when the Domain name is not configured.

Workaround: Configure the Domain name under the Network Overview page or Manual settings in the Connection profile.


Classic to ZTA Transition is not happening due to Intermittent Notification issues for DoH DNS.

Workaround: Configure Non-DoH DNS server to get Notifications.


On JIO LTE, the ESP Tunnel falls back to SSL.

Workaround: None.


VOD Always connect profile goes into Loop when connected in JIO LTE Network.

Workaround: None.


The tunnel is tearing down silently or throwing the error " Server closed the connection" when two SP 2048 routes are mapped to a single role.

Workaround: Configure 1024 Routes only for Split Tunneling.


Smart-card authentication for classic connection fails.

Workaround: None.


L4 Per app Tunnel uses NCP protocol.

Workaround : Use NCP as the Underlying protocol instead of IFT-TLS.

Release 22.3.1

No VPN known issues for this release

Release 22.2.1


Modify L3/L4 per app VPN profile from VMWare Workspace One (formerly Airwatch) is not properly updating the profile on iOS 16.0 Ivanti Secure Access Client.

Workaround : Un-assign and Re-assign the updated profile.


Proxy is not honored when MDM profile is used and Ivanti Connect Secure has proxy configured.

Workaround : Configure Proxy in MDM profile.


Neurons for MDM (formerly MobileIron) enrolled profile stuck at Connecting state and unable to disconnect .

Workaround : Disconnect VPN Profile from iPhone settings.


Sometimes the error " Set default profile action failed " appears when adding or saving a profile.

Workaround : Click OK to discard the message.


"Pulse secure would like to find and connect to devices on your local network" prompts when client proxy enabled.

Workaround: None. This is Apple behaviour, for more information refer


Ivanti Secure Access Client applicaion crashed consistenly when trying to connect to VPN. When the VPN Access feature is not enabled in Ivanti Connect Secure.

Workaround: Enable VPN Access feature in Ivanti Connect Secure.


Voice over is not working for most of the New-UX screens.

Workaround: Switch to Classic UI.