Ivanti Secure Access Client for Mobile Supported Platforms Guide

iOS 22.7.2 Android 22.7.3

The Ivanti Secure Access Client for Mobile provides secure connectivity, an intuitive end-user interface, and simplified deployment options. This document describes Ivanti Secure Access Client for Mobile interoperability with mobile platforms (operating systems), mobile hardware devices, and Ivanti gateways.

Ivanti Secure Access Client for Mobile is an application that runs on platforms that support application distribution through an Online-application store. These platforms include iOS, Android, and ChromeOS. For information about traditional (non-application store) desktop clients (Windows and macOS), see the Ivanti Secure Access Client for Desktop Supported Platforms Guide.

Ivanti supports only the operating system versions that are released for General Availability (GA). Ivanti does not support the preview or dev builds for the operating systems.

Pulse Secure Client is re-branded as Ivanti Secure Access Client. The release numbering is updated to 22.X. Complete UX rebranding and the UI upgrade is implemented. There is also an option to switch between the Classic UI and New-UI to maintain user experience. The Pulse Secure client icon is replaced by Ivanti Secure Access Client icon . For more information refer KB45301.